München Tamil Sangam e.V.


Youth/Student Membership

15 / year

16-20 years old and/or students with a valid identity issued by a university/institution affiliated to Munich Student Union.

Family Membership

30 / year

Families of up to 2 adults and up to a maximum of 2 children (of 15 years).
For every additional individual € 5,00 shall be added.

Individual Memberships

20 / Year

Individuals of 21 years or older and who does not fall into student category can avail membership under this category.

München Tamil Sangam e.V. may also confer honorary membership to individuals time to time.

Membership Rights

Rights to elect the Office Bearers for the board during the election.

Eligibility to contest in Sangam election (18 and above).

Be part of the Executive Committee of the Sangam

To submit proposals for events and activities

Membership Benefits


Events & Activities

Subscription to MTS's events & activities. Propose activities that align with the vision of MTS.


Integration & Support

Seminars, info-sessions and workshops provided by experts on various topics of life in Germany



Special discounts to events organised by the München Tamil Sangam e.V.



Opportunities to actively organise & engage with the community in a way that matters to you