We would like to bring you all some information making it beneficial for all those who are living in Munich, Germany and also for people who are considering moving to Munich.

Indian Citizens who are considering or in the process of moving to Germany would have to apply for visa that best suits your reason to move such as Job, Job-Seeker Visa, Student Visa, Family Reunion-Visa etc. Though, Visa application procedure might feel like a humungous task, it is only the first step in what is more to come. There are other decisions that you would have to make.

  1. Finding an accommodation/flat/house
  2. Health Insurances in Germany
  3. Registering your residence in city council
  4. Opening a Bank Account
  5. Other insurances such as third party insurance, lawyer insurance
  6. Owning a car
  7. Internet Provider
  8. Mobile Contracts
  9. Electricity Provider
  10. Schooling in Germany

In this series of blog posts, we will provide you with some information in this regard that might be helpful to get you started. We will try to keep the information as updated as possible, however as regulations may change with time.