Policies of München Tamil Sangam e.V.

Communication Modes

All communications of München Tamil Sangam e.V. shall be deemed official only when published via their website under the domain www.muenchentamilsangam.org. Communication to individual members shall be done via their primary registered email ID provided in the membership enrolment from the official email ID(s) of the München Tamil Sangam. The following email accounts are used by München Tamil Sangam e.V.

Administration related communications: muenchentamilsangam@gmail.com
Events/Programs related communications: mts.events.info@gmail.com
MTS Tamil Academy related communications: academy@muenchentamilsangam.org

General announcements to the community and its members may also be shared as posts or poster images via the official facebook page.

Communication Policy
At München Tamil Sangam e.V., courtesy, tact and consideration should guide each member in relationships with fellow members and the public. It is mandatory that each member in this organisation show maximum respect to every other person in the organisation and other contacts that a member comes across through München Tamil Sangam e.V.

  • Courtesy, friendliness, and a spirit of helpfulness are important and shall guide the  dealings with fellow members and those that we come in contact externally.
  • Differences of opinion should be handled privately and discreetly. Gossip and backbiting are to be avoided. Communicate directly with the person or persons involved to resolve differences.
  • Conservative communication — that which will improve and aid the objective, vision and mission of the sangam by clarifying or instructing — should be welcomed when delivered with respect and tact. Destructive communications — that which is designed to harm/hurt members, unity in the sangam or any other another person — is not to be practiced.
  • Members should strive to maintain a civil atmosphere at all times and refrain from shouting, yelling, using vulgarities or swearing.
  • Sangam meetings/environments shall be free from disparaging remarks about religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, appearance and other personal matters. Each member has the responsibility to foster an understanding of others’ differences in order to create an environment where those differences contribute to a better organisation. Inappropriate remarks based on any of the following are not tolerated and such behaviour will result in termination of membership: race, religion, ethnic origin, physical attributes, mental or physical disability, colour, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, citizenship and/or age. Inappropriate remarks include those that treat a group of people in a uniform way, assign a behaviour in a disparaging way, imply inferiority of a group, are supposedly funny at someone else’s expense, and/or cause embarrassment or distress to others based on comments about a particular group of people.