Welcome to München Tamil Sangam

An association with its own emotions. Here you will get inspired in a unique way. The Tamil populace of the world has its origins in the southernmost part of Indian subcontinent, Tamil Nadu. A line of very rich cultural heritage in terms of Music, Dance, Literature, Theatre, Cinema, Cuisine and so much more.

Tamils have been explorers/traders since time immemorial. Many such evidences are seen across the state of Tamil Nadu. Such traditions have not changed even to modern day. Tamils have immigrated to many countries ever since and now in this digital era, such migration from Tamil speaking parts of the eastern world to the west is at rise.

Muenchen Tamil Sangam is a non-profit organization located in Muenchen, Bayern, Germany. Muenchen Tamil Sangam e.V. is a humble effort by its founders in 2018, to create a space for social interaction and promote Tamil cultural heritage. Our primary objective is to promote Tamil Culture & Language and to facilitate integration & cultural exchange of Tamils with Germans. We are here to uphold its values and culture and to promote understanding, friendship, goodwill and appreciation between Tamil speaking people in the state of Bayern.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and sustain the rich Tamil cultural heritage – art, culture and language

Our Vision

  • To create and promote an effective community of Tamils in München.
  • To facilitate integration & cultural exchange of Tamils and Germans through arts.